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2005 - Enter latest race
Steven holds trophy.
13th March
Skiclub of GB
8th Feb

Shot gun practice - "Lock stock and no smoking hats"
7th Feb
Frozen fingers & Equipment at Brake Bros freezer.
2nd Feb
Mayor "In Safe Hands" Launch Party



It has been said "To survive within the Arctic takes courage but to race in these conditions requires a willingness and determination to push yourself to the limit".

The young mother polar bear awoke from her fretful sleep; it seemed only a few hours ago she had managed to persuade her injured young cub into the snow hole she had made. As the previous night's gale had blown across the vast artic desert, the damp smell of blood had reminded her that her injured cub had suffered an open wound to her hind leg where the young male bear had tried to protect his favourite seal hunting spot.

The mother bear knew today had to be the one - after 2 weeks of no food, her mother' milk was not being produced in enough quantity to nurse her cub. The seals under the ice had played the more experienced hand of cat and mouse when they came up for air. The mother was desperate for some fresh meat.

Inspector Belchamber had tried for the third time to radio in the Resolute base camp. After 2 weeks of detective work he had tracked down all but one owner of the shotgun that had the faulty trigger mechanism.

Mike, Norman and Steven were looking forward to this new dawn as they packed their tent away for the eighteenth consecutive day, and firmly tied their body harnesses to the 90 kilo individual sleds ready for another arduous day ahead in the minus 50 degree wind-chill.

As they carefully ensured no skin was exposed to the brutal cold, little did they know their body scent had been picked up earlier by the polar mother - they were about to find out what it must be like to become hunted and stalked …………………… as they headed directly into her path.

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