How to Fund Raise

Radio and the Press - local press is often interested in stories of people within their area, especially something a bit out of the ordinary. Send them a press release about what you are doing or a fundraising event you are organising. Make sure they mention how people can donate money or find out more about what you are doing.

TOP 10 Fundraising Tips

Start as soon as possible – adopt a similar determined and planned approach to your fundraising as you do for your training.
Carry a sponsorship form with you at all times
Enlist the help of others – encourage family, friends and work colleagues to help fund raise on your behalf. Rather than cold calling, try to contact organisations, businesses or individuals where you have a contact
Where is the money being spent? Ensure you and your fundraising team know what The Campaign funds
Be easy to contact – make sure your name, address and telephone number are marked clearly on the sponsorship forms. This way any copies will eventually be returned to you
Target with military precision – make a list of all your family, friends and work colleagues as well as associates you know through sporting, social activity and your community. If it helps, list them in separate sections and decide how you are going to approach them and what you want to say
Face-to-face is best – it’s more difficult for sponsors to say no if you’re stood in front of them. If you can’t meet them send a letter, fax or email as they are harder to ignore. A tear-off slip at the bottom is a handy hint
Go to the boss – at work or through colleagues in other businesses target managers who control budgets. Approach the boss and ask if they can tell sponsors that their donation will be matched pound for pound by your company
Have a high profile – meet as many potential sponsors as you can. Contact your local newspaper or company newsletter and tell them about your venture
Be proud – in a cynical world you are actually doing something to make a difference.

When you have finished your event, take a deep breath … tell everyone about it and collect even more sponsorship!

A abseil; adopt a scientist; art exhibition; athletics; auction; aerobics

Balloon race; BBQ; beer race; billiards; blind-date competition; book sale; burns night; bridge

Cabaret; car boot sale; carnival; carol singing; casino; charity lunch; concert; competitions - ANY!

D dinner / dance; disco; dog walking; dress down days; donkey race

Easter ball; exhibitions

F fair; fancy dress; fashion show; festival; fete; film showing; flower show; flying; football

Games evening; gardening; gladiators; golf competitions; guy fawkes

H hair shave; hill walking; honesty box

Iindie night; it's a knockout; italian evening

J jazz evening; jogging - sponsored

Karaoke evening; karate marathon; kidnap and ransom; knobbly knees contest; knit-in

L ladies' night; lawn moving; let them eat cake; long distance horse ride; luncheons

M marathon-dance; market stall; morris dancing; masquerade ball; mystery tour

Name a tree; national days; nature walk; new year's resolution; novelty event - pudding race

O odd jobs; one price stall; orienteering; onion peeling competition

P painting competition; pantomime; party; pet show; pub quiz; pram race; pile of pennies

Quiz evening

Race night; raft race; rally; record swap; raves; running race

Scavengers hunt; shoe shine; skittles; sponsored - stop smoking, weight loss - in fact anything at all!

T tennis tournament; treasure hunt; trekking; tug of war

U underwear party; uniform-free day

V valentine's message; vegetable eating competition

Walking; wishing wells; word search

X xmas ball; xmas draw; xmas sales; xylophone playing competition

Y yachting; yoga

Z zoo trip

How to raise £2500 …
Here are some tried and tested ideas to reach your fundraising target

Ask family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, friends of family, friends
of friends, family of colleagues (everyone you know!) for a small donation £250

Five friends and or / relatives each do a car boot sale and raise £100 each £500
Local shops, station, hairdresser, electrician, restaurants each give a small
donation and / or take a collecting tin £250

Your local pub organises a quiz night and donates money to you £250
£1000 - almost half way!!!

Local restaurants, shops, pubs donate gifts for your raffle -
get friends and family to sell tickets too £250

Ask us for some collecting tins and ask your busiest local pubs if you can
collect on a Friday or Saturday night - make a night of it, dress up and

rope some friends to help you - tell the press for added publicity £350

night in for charity - stay in and entertain friends for an evening - ask
friends to donate money saved to your challenge £250

local press story / publicity- why are you doing the event? £150
£2000 - you're nearly there!

all day fancy dress street collections with friends at your
local supermarket £250

company donation / matched giving £150
personalised appeal letters to local businesses & contacts
(see attached examples) £100

£2500 !!! GOAL REACHED !!