Iqaluit Airport - nr Artic circle Fishing boat stuck on frozen sea
Professional survival expert Matty in traditional clothes Race Patrons Jock Wishart & David Hempleman Adams
3am and Mike& Steven are re reading manuels and still sorting food prior to race morning Very quick rest stops are essential to avoid Frostbite
Steven - 3 layers of clothes etc and its still cold Basic essentials to Artic travel - tent, gun & fuel
What minus 40 degrees does to your face Our plane got damaged on previous takeoff
3am - still daylight Amazing ice formations
Frozen ice Ian Davis -Trusted Doctor - Thank you
ISE- Overall winning team - awesome professionals Mike added his magic spices to food supplied
Gary Walker, comms desk - Thank you Safety crew on rare afternoon off
No looking back Sponsor on actual MNPole - 3ft from 1996 mark
Honoured group who slept at the MNPole Best kit award - The Pacerpole

first assessment day

second assessment day

Equipment training - tent

"So how quick can we fire off a box of ammo? "

"Practice makes perfect - camp routines"

The unique "Wedgewood Blue" Trophy.

Greenwich Meantime "Extremesteps" Team photo

"Initial Style" Press launch photo in front of the BBC.